These documents explain the pastoral transition process, from dissolution of a current pastoral relationship through the Interim period, missions study, and the seeking and calling of a new pastor.  It also contains forms that need to be completed by church and/or pastor along the way. These resources pertain primarily to installed, full-time positions.  However, there is a document that outlines the Stages of the Process for Part-Time and Stated Supply Pastors (pp. 10-17).

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Pastoral Transition 1 Minister Leaves – Installed

Pastoral Transition 1 Minister Leaves – Temporary

Pastoral Transition 2 Search Process – Installed

Pastoral Transition 2 Search Process – Temporary

Appendix A-1 – Pastoral Models Chart

Appendix A-2 – Policy on Interim Ministers

Appendix A-3 – Policy on Stated Supply to Installed

Appendix B-1 -Congregational Meeting Agenda

Appendix B-2 – Dissolution of Pastoral Relation Form

Appendix B-3 – Minister Being Dismissed Form

Appendix B-4 – Minister Leaving Data

Appendix C – Policy and Agreement for Pastors and Churches Following the Conclusion of a Pastoral Relationship

Appendix D-1 – Exit Interview with Pastor

Appendix D-2 – Exit Interview with Session

Appendix D3 – Report on Exit Interview

Appendix E – Goals for Interim Ministry

Appendix F – Interim Pastor Contract (Sample)

Appx G – Congregational Mission Study Process

Appendix H – Composition of PNC or PSC

Appendix I1 – Congregational Meeting Agenda for Election of PNC

Appendix I2 – Report on Election of PNC/PSC

Appendix J1 Equal Opportunity Policy

Appendix J2 – Equal Opportunity Report Forms

Appendix J3 – Policy on Candidates Known to the Church

Appendix K – Church Leadership Connection User’s Guide

Appendix L – Reading PIFs: What to Look For

Appendix M – Reference Questions

Appendix N-1 – Conducting an interview

Appendix N-2 – Considerations for a Pandemic

Appendix O1 – COM Clearance Interview Process

Appendix O2 – Clearance Interview Report

Appendix O3 – Candidate Checklist

Appendix O4 – Statement of Faith

Appendix O5 – Clergy Sexual Misconduct Policy & Certification

Appendix O6 – Clergy and Employee Background Check Policy, Employee Questionnaire & Authorization

Appendix O7 – Minister Being Received Data

Appendix P-1 – Guidelines for Terms of Call

Appendix P-2 – Pastor Work Hour Guidelines

Appendix P-3 – Sample Stated Supply Contract

Appendix Q1 – Congregational Meeting Agenda for Election of Pastor/Associate Pastor

Appendix Q2 – Pastoral Call Form & Certification of Call

Appendix R – Equal Opportunity Final Report

Appendix S1 – Suggested Order of Service of Ordination

Appendix S2 – Suggested Order of Service of Installation

Appendix S3 – Dedication Service for Stated Supply Pastors and Commissioning Service for CRE’s

Appx T – End-of-First-Year Review

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