The Committee on Preparation for Ministry is a vital part of our life together as a Church. The CPM supports, encourages, and challenges individuals who sense God’s call to ministry. In so doing, the CPM cares not only for the church of today, but holds a vision of the church of tomorrow and nurturing its leaders.  The CPM oversees both the Commissioned Ruling Elder Process and the Preparation for Ministry of those seeking ordination as a Minister of Word and Sacrament.

Commissioned Ruling Elder Process and Requirements

The primary purpose of HRP’s CRE ministry is to train and prepare ruling elders to receive a commission to serve as a pastoral leader of a HRP congregation which cannot support and/or attract a full-time Minister of Word and Sacrament.  [ Learn more ]

Preparation for Ordained Ministry of Word and Sacrament in the PC(USA)

Navigating the Process for Ordination
The denominational website, with all of the essentials for navigating the CPM process.  If you are considering ordination as a Minister of Word and Sacrament, look through the PC(USA)’s site to get a sense of the process and requirements

Hudson River Presbytery’s Ordination Requirements
The presbytery has Requirements for Ordination that must be met in order to be ordained as a Minister of Word and Sacrament.

Online Training for the CPM Process
The Office of Preparation for Ministry/Exams has launched a series of online training opportunities for CPMs, inquirers, and candidates.

Forms for use in the CPM Process
Here, you’ll find a direct link to downloadable versions of the forms used at each step of the Application, Inquiry, Candidacy, and Certification process.

Ordination Exam Information
Applications for both the Bible Content Exam and the written Ordination Examinations.  See this page for links to sample examples and the Exam handbook.

PC(USA) Seminaries
Here, you’ll find a list of the PC(USA) seminaries, with links to their individual websites.

Sample Ordination Exams
Through the library at Louisville Seminary, PDF versions of previous year’s ordination exams are available.  (Please remember, however, that some exams, particularly the Exegesis exam, have changed in recent years.)