Hudson River Presbytery encourages and supports the creation of Partnerships by two or more congregations around people’s passion and energy within the life of our presbytery, our congregations and the larger church that furthers the cause of Christ in the world.  Have an idea for a new Presbytery Partnership?  Contact Jonah So, who is the Council liaison for Presbytery Partnerships.

Learn more about the benefits and process of creating Partnerships.

HRP Green

HRPGreen is a faith-based partnership of individuals and congregations throughout the Hudson River Presbytery dedicated to raising awareness and securing engagement around environmental and climate change issues. We want to ensure the survival of Mother Earth. To learn more visit the HRPGreen Facebook Page .

HRPGreen Contact: Kathy Dean, .

Solarize Our Congregation!  
HRP Green has exciting news to share. We have been selected for a Presbytery-wide Solarize campaign.  The Solarize program is designed to make solar installations more accessible and affordable through pre-vetted and competitively selected installers. The Solarize Our Congregation campaign will begin in February 2018 and will be available to churches in our presbytery, people who attend our churches, members of congregations nesting in our churches, and others who are connected to our congregations. This is a time-limited program that will end in June 2018.  We will be working with folks from Solarize Westchester and Abundant Efficiency. There will be two solar installers chosen – one to work with our northern churches (in Columbia, Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Sullivan and Ulster) and another to work with our southern churches (in Rockland and Westchester) so that those who decide to put solar on their buildings can have that done quickly. The solar provider for your area will be sent to your congregation soon.  If you would like to schedule a regional information session at your church or an individual solar assessment at your home or business contact: .

Presbytery Prison Partnership

Presbytery Prison Partnership organizes

  • advocacy on prison justice and criminal justice issues
  • outreach to people in prison
  • reentry programs for people returning from prisons

Presbytery Prison Partnership Contacts:  Hans Hollundbaek at  and Sharon Griest Ballen at


PresbyBuild is a mission project in partnership with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Newburgh. HRP’s PresbyBuild congregations provide on-site volunteers, mission grants, fundraising activities, administrative assistance, meeting spaces, prayers, and other volunteer services.  For more information contact Deke Spierling at .

Rural and Migrant Ministry

Rural and Migrant Ministry works for the creation of a just, rural New York State through nurturing leadership, standing with the disenfranchised, especially farmworkers and rural workers, and changing unjust systems and structures.  Hudson River Presbytery is a founding covenant partner of RMM.  For more information contact Rene Thiel at

HRP Course Catalog

HRP Course Catalog: This is a partnership between churches and pastors who facilitate the sharing of adult education classes, confirmation classes, pastoral care groups, and special worship services amongst congregations. This collaboration provides opportunities for spiritual growth, the sharing of pastoral resources, and deepen relationships across the Hudson River Presbytery.