Clergy Compensation Information
The Committee on Ministry (COM) has updated the Terms of Call Information for congregations to see both mandatory effective salary and recommended increases for the new year.  It also includes an explanation of the Board of Pensions Information for the new year.  2019 Terms of Call Information.  To assist you in calculating compensation for the 2018 budget year, COM offers the 2019 Terms of Call Worksheet with explanatory highlights.

Navigating the Search Process
The Summary Diagram of Search Process offers a brief breakdown of the search process congregations may go through from the dissolution of a pastoral relationship to the calling of a new pastor.  Congregations who are going through pastoral transition will have a liaison through COM to help them through this process.  This COM liaison will walk the Session and congregation through understanding the various Pastoral Models our presbytery affirms and assist them in discerning the best pastoral model for their congregation.

Download the entire COM Manual at once
You can browse individuals pieces of the COM Manual grouped by section using the subnavigation to the left, or click the following link to download the entire 7meg Committee on Ministry Manual All-in-one (7meg).

Approved Supply Preaching List
COM also approves the 2018 Supply Preaching List for congregations to use throughout our presbytery.  They have all had background checks and have expressed willingness to provide ministerial services to churches in our presbytery.  COM recommends a congregation use somone from the Supply Preaching List if a pulpit needs to be filled consecutively during pastoral transitions.

Helpful Links

Ministry in the PC(USA): Helpful resources for Committees on Ministry, Clergy, First-Call ministry, models for ministry and much more.

The Board of Pensions provides information, forms and resources for the Financial Support and Health Care of its members.

PC(USA) Church Leadership ConnectionThe PC(USA)’s national call-search site, listing positions available across the country.