The Stewardship Team works to expand our thinking on Stewardship — as a Presbytery and as individual churches. Many of our churches have experienced their workshops — and the team continues to expand its training and resource awareness. As this Team continues its work, in communication with the Manager of Stewardship and Finance, watch for helpful tools and information for use in your church. Together, we can continue to be better stewards of the many gifts God has given.

Host a Stewardship 101 Workshop in Your Congregation!
Access the expertise of HRP’s stewardship team which has trained congregations locally and nationally on best stewardship practices. To schedule a Stewardship Workshop at your congregation, send a note to:
Learn More about the Stewardship 101 Workshop.

Attend the Stewardship Kaleidoscope National Conference!
The Stewardship Team encourages HRP leaders to attend the PC(USA)’s Stewardship Kaleidoscope, an annual national stewardship training that will equip and inspire you.  Learn more at .

2019 Stewardship Sheet
This 2019 Stewardship Sheet provides an overview of how your per capita and mission giving support the ministry and mission of Hudson River Presbytery.  It covers what per capita and mission giving are as well as provides a breakdown of what each offering funds.

Congregational Mission & Ministry Pledge
Each year most HRP congregations make a Mission & Ministry Pledge to the presbytery. A congregation’s Shared Mission and Ministry Pledge is an annual sum, determined and pledged by the congregation, for support of mission and ministry locally, nationally and globally.
2020 Mission+Ministry Pledge Form for downloading
* New * 2020 Mission & Ministry Online Pledge Form
November 2019 Letter from General Presbyter Deborah Milcarek

Mission Impact Stories
These brief “2 Minutes for Mission” stories are a great way to acquaint your congregation with the impact of their annual Mission + Ministry Pledge to the presbytery.  The resource includes a photo and a short paragraph designed for bulletin or newsletter use.
Growing Partnerships: HRPGreen

Nurturing Vital, Healthy Communities of Faith: Hudson River U.

Resources from the Stewardship Team Workshop

Stewardship Commitment

Stewardship Programs

Stewardship Timeline

For more information on the Stewardship Team or to schedule a Stewardship Workshop at your congregation, send a note to:

Additional Resources In Preparation for Stewardship Season
The Rev. Charles Barton who developed and leads Stewardship 101, highly recommended the following articles from The Alban Institute.

And Charles encourages you not to miss this video on 10 Effective Ways to Say Thank You to donors from Horizon Stewardship.