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Forms and Resources

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Presbytery Documents
Below, you will find several of the key documents that facilitate and inform our life together in Hudson River Presbytery. You may also find helpful resource documents and links among the various categories in the left-hand menu of the website.
For Committee on Ministry (COM) documents and links and Grants Council documents and links, please use the preceding links or the buttons at the end of the following list.

Manual of Operations
Presbytery By-Laws May 2017
 (phr.bylaws.may.2017.pdf, 73 kb)
PHR Committees & Commission Purpose & Responsibilities
 (phr.committees.commission.purpose.responsibilities.pdf, 2108 kb)
Child Safety Policy-Presbytery of Hudson River
 (, 64 kb)
Sexual Misconduct Policy-Presbytery of Hudson River
 (sexual_misconduct_policy_hrp.pdf, 106 kb)
Mission and Vision
HRP Mission, Vision and Values Statement
 (hrp_mission.pdf, 47 kb)
Presbytery Personnel Manual
 (personnel_manual_hrp.pdf, 64 kb)
Session Personnel Guidelines
 (gspcguidelines.pdf, 263 kb)
2018 Presbytery Prayer Calendar
 (hrp_2018_prayer_cal.pdf, 191 kb)
Prayer Calendar Cover Page
 (hrp_prayer_calendar_cover.pdf, 85 kb)
Resources for Shared Space and Ministry
Shared Space Contents
 (SharedSpace_Contents.pdf, 92 kb)
Section A: Presbyterian Policy on Immigration
 (SharedSpace_SectionA.pdf, 137 kb)
Section B: Challenges Facing Immigrant Pastors
 (SharedSpace_SectionB.pdf, 65 kb)
Section C: Sharing Spaces: A Winning Strategy
 (SharedSpace_SectionC.pdf, 5772 kb)
Section D: Managing Church Facility Use
 (SharedSpace_SectionD.pdf, 6382 kb)
Section Fa: Sample Lease Agreements
 (SharedSpace_SectionFa.pdf, 35 kb)
Section Fb: Sample Memoandum
 (SharedSpace_SectionFb.pdf, 61 kb)
Section G: One Church Hosts Another in its Building
 (SharedSpace_SectionG.pdf, 52 kb)
Section H: Rental or Using of Facilities by Groups
 (SharedSpace_SectionH.pdf, 61 kb)
Section I: Shared Building Usage Survey
 (SharedSpace_SectionI.pdf, 92 kb)
Section J: List of HRP Churches Engaged in Shared Space
 (SharedSpace_SectionJ.pdf, 79 kb)
Resources, Policies and Forms
Administrative Commissions Policy
 (com_sm_admin_commis_policy.doc, 25 kb)
Administrative Leave Policy
 (administrative_leave_policy.doc, 33 kb)
Church Officials List
 (church.officials.list.form.web.pdf, 157 kb)
Clergy Compensation Committee recommendations
 (clergy.compensation.committee.recommendations.doc, 70 kb)
Communications Policy
 (communications_in_hrp.pdf, 72 kb)
Emergency & Disaster Preparedness & Response Plans
 (emergency.preparedness.response.pdf, 584 kb)
Church Preparedness Forms
 (Appendix_C_web.pdf, 60 kb)
Host Church Guidelines -PHR Gatherings
 (, 43 kb)
Media Opt-out Form for Adults
 (, 101 kb)
Media Opt-out Form for Minors
 (media.opt.out.form.minor.pdf, 97 kb)
Standards of Ethical Conduct
 (standards_ethical_conduct_hrp.pdf, 86 kb)
Session Resources
Bylaw Training
 (, 223 kb)
Child Safety Policy
 (, 40 kb)
Church Officials List
 (church.officials.list.form.web.pdf, 157 kb)
Handbook for Clerks of Session
 (clerk.of.session.handbook.2018.pdf, 179 kb)
Misconduct Policy
 (model.sexual.misconduct.policy.doc, 117 kb)
Recommended Reading List for Sessions
 (clerks_book_list.doc, 24 kb)
Session Records Review Checklist 2018
 (, 47 kb)
Expense Voucher
 (expense.voucher.2017.doc, 23 kb)
Committee on Ministry (COM)
Grants Council
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