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Each monthly 2-page issue of The Parish Paper provides ideas, insights, research-findings, and practical methods that strengthen the effectiveness of congregations in accomplishing GodÂ’s purposes through their various ministries.

The 'Parish Paper' is now free for all churches and committees of the Presbytery of Hudson River to use and duplicate in church newsletters, websites and publications - but please include the notice which says "Copyright, etc." and add "Permission granted for use."

Resource Documents

October 2014 - How Can We Prevent Suicide?
 (140923_parish.paper.oct.supp.pdf, 398 kb)
September 2014 - How Churches Can Partner With Local Schools
 (140923_parish.paper.sept.supp.pdf, 399 kb)
August 2014 - Do Your Mission and Message Fit Your Size?
 (140722_parish.paper.august.supp.pdf, 388 kb)
July 2014 - What Type of Follower Attends Our Church?
 (140722_parish.paper.july.supp.pdf, 405 kb)
June 2014 - Caring for Caregivers
 (parish.papers.june.2014.pdf, 405 kb)
May 2014 - How to Welcome Children with Autism & Their Families
 (parish.paper.may.2014.pdf, 462 kb)
April 2014 - E Giving: It's About More Than Money
 (140325_parish.paper.april.supp.pdf, 444 kb)
March 2014 - When Less is More
 (140325_parish.paper.march.supp.pdf, 439 kb)
February 2014 - A Parable About Pastoral Leadership
 (parish.paper.feb.2014.supp.pdf, 370 kb)
January 2014 - Big Ministry Trends
 (parish.paper.jan.2014.supp.pdf, 437 kb)
October 2013 - 10 Questions About Worship Attendance
 (pp_10_2013_worship_attendance.pdf, 416 kb)
September 2013 - Disaster Relief
 (pp_09_2013_disaster_relief.pdf, 514 kb)
August 2013 - Clergy Groups: Worth The Investment?
 (pp_08_2013_clergy_groups.pdf, 421 kb)
July 2013 - The Great Recession
 (pp_07_2013_great_recession.pdf, 354 kb)
June 2013 - Making Informed Decisions
 (pp_06_2013_Making_Informed_Decisions.pdf, 402 kb)
May 2013 - How to Avoid Sand Traps
 (pp_05_2013_Conversation_Sand_Traps.pdf, 433 kb)
April 2013 - Oral Communication
 (pp_04_2013_Oral_Communication.pdf, 477 kb)
March 2013 - What Leadership Style Works
 (pp_03_2013_What_Leadership_Style_Works.pdf, 380 kb)
February 2013 - Can You Reduce Staff Without Conflict?
 (pp_02_2013_Can_You_Downsize_Staff.pdf, 254 kb)
January 2013 - How to Avoid Pastor Burnout
 (pp_01_2013_How_to Avoid_Pastor_Burnout.pdf, 311 kb)
December 2012 - Use Five Senses to Experience Advent
 (pp_12_2012_How_to_Use_Our_Five_Senses_During_Advent.pdf, 447 kb)
November 2012 - Maintain Church Health / Dec Population
 (pp_11_2012_Maintain_Church_Health_in_Dec_Population_County.pdf, 366 kb)
October 2012 - Preventing Church Fraud
 (pp_10_2012_preventing_church_fraud.pdf, 483 kb)
September 2012 - Where are the Unchurched
 (pp_9_2012_where_are_the_unchurched.pdf, 405 kb)
August 2012 - Keys to Growing a Small Church
 (pp_8_2012_keys_to_growing_a_small_church.pdf, 459 kb)
July 2012 - What Message are We Sending About Giving
 (pp_7_2012_what_message_are_we_sending_about_giving.pdf, 421 kb)
June 2012 - Mission Possible: More Men in the Pews
 (pp_6_2012_mission_possible_more_men_in_the_pews.pdf, 521 kb)
May 2012 - How to Turn Bystanders into Active Disciples
 (pp_5_2012_how_to_turn_bystanders_into_active_disciples.pdf, 591 kb)
April 2012 - How is Your Congregation's Health?
 (pp_4_2012_how_is_your_congregations_health.pdf, 323 kb)
March 2012 - What Type of Future are We Building?
 (pp_3_2012_what_type_of_future_are_we_building.pdf, 405 kb)
February 2012 - How to Manage Your Resistance
 (pp_2_2012_how_to_manage_change_resistance.pdf, 133 kb)
January 2012 - How to Perfect Your Leadership Triangle
 (pp_1_2012_how_to_perfect_your_leadership_triangle.pdf, 481 kb)
December 2011-How Do We Successfully Launch a New Project
 (pp_11_12_howdowesuccessfullylaunch.pdf, 413 kb)
November 2011-Should We Unleash the Power
 (pp_11_11_shouldweunleashthepower.pdf, 423 kb)
October 2011 - Why Do Smart Churches Make Dumb Decisions?
 (pp_11_10_whydosmart.pdf, 121 kb)
September 2011 - Why Do People Connect with Christ and...
 (pp_11_9_whydopeople.pdf, 416 kb)
August 2011 - Preventing Bad Behavior during Times of Change
 (pp_11_8_prevent_bad_behavior.pdf, 220 kb)
July 2011 - How to Select Quality Staff
 (pp_11_7_quality_staff.pdf, 134 kb)
June 2011 - What is the Pastor's Role in Church Finance?
 (pp_11_6_pastor_finance.pdf, 259 kb)
May 2011 - When Does Success Lead to Failure?
 (pp_11_5_success_failure.pdf, 118 kb)
February 2011 - Accomplishing Worthy Goals
 (pp_11_2_worthy_goals.pdf, 407 kb)
January 2011 - What is your Unconscious Intent?
 (pp_11_1_unconscious.pdf, 287 kb)
December 2009 - Are we a Leader-Sending Congregation?
 (pp_09_12_leader_sending.pdf, 127 kb)
November 2009 - Seven Roads to a Multicultural Congregation
 (pp_09_11_multicultural.pdf, 155 kb)
October 2009 - Women Pastors
 (pp_09_10_women_pastors.pdf, 108 kb)
September 2009 - Are We Singing the Right Hymns?
 (pp_09_09_hymns.pdf, 157 kb)
August 2009 - Shepherding Congregations through Grief Storms
 (pp_09_08_grief.pdf, 142 kb)
July 2009 - Lay Testimonials Strengthen Financial Giving
 (pp_09_07_testimonials.pdf, 153 kb)

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