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Home / Congregation & Mission / Immigration / Resources and Links

These resources are provided as an invitation to you and your congregation to move beyond the borders, and to embrace others in their journey.

Resource Documents

Worship Service with Immigration Themes (HRP - 1/27/09)
 (hrp_worship_1-27.pdf, 176 kb)
Worship Service with Immigration Themes (HRP - 1/27/09)
 (hrp_worship_1-27.doc, 73 kb)
A Menu of Hope - Suggestions for Making a Difference
 (menu_of_hope.doc, 34 kb)
Writing a 90 Second Letter to your Legislator
 (90_second_letter.doc, 26 kb)
The New Sanctuary Movement - Pledge of Support
 (new_sanctuary.doc, 27 kb)
Other Ways to Get Involved
 (other_ways.doc, 27 kb)

Helpful Links

PC(USA) Office of Immigration Issues
Educational, legal, and liturgical resources from our denominational office.
Rural and Migrant Ministry
Our covenant partner, RMM provides advocacy, support, and empowerment to the NY migrant community. (See also their resource page on our website.)
Immigration in the U.S. Through the Lens of Faith
A Congregational Handbook For You Were Once a Stranger: Immigration in the U.S. through the Lens of Faith is freely available online through the New Sanctuary Movement.
Labor-Religion Coalition of New York State
Your congregation can support immigrant workers rights through organizations such as the Labor-Religion Coalition.
Just Coffee
Purchasing fair-trade coffee for yourself and your congregation is a simple way to begin supporting fair wages for workers. Working with a Presbyterian Border Ministry Frontera de Cristo just $20,000 began a project that has lifted a community in Mexico from despair and given new opportunity in their homeland. Visit this link for their story, and their coffee.
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