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Home / Vocation / Committee on Prep. for Ministry / Resources and Links

The following resources and links may prove helpful throughout the Inquiry/Candidacy process -- for the individual, the Session, and the CPM alike.

Helpful Links

Preparation for Ministry in the PC(USA)
The denominational website, with all of the essentials for navigating the CPM process.
Online Training for the CPM Process
The Office of Preparation for Ministry/Exams has launched a series of online training opportunities for CPMs, inquirers and candidates.
Forms for use in the CPM Process (Forms 1-6)
Here, you'll find a direct link to downloadable versions of the forms used at each step of the Application, Inquiry, Candidacy, and Certification process.
Ordination Exam Information
Applications for both the Bible Content Exam and the written Ordination Examinations. See this page for links to sample examples and the Exam handbook.
PC(USA) Seminaries
Here, you'll find a list of the PC(USA) seminaries, with links to their individual websites.
Sample Bible Content Exams
A site in which you can take old versions of the Bible Content exam online. Every exam from 1988 is posted here -- it's a great place for practice!
Sample Ordination Exams
Through the library at McCormick Seminary, PDF versions of previous year's ordination exams are available. (Please remember, however, that some exams, particularly the Exegesis exam, have changed in recent years.)

Resource Documents

Requirements for Ordination
 (requirements_for_ordination_2014.pdf, 38 kb)
To read or print .pdf documents, be sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. If the .pdf's do not open inside your browser when you click them, use the link on the right to download and install your free Acrobat Reader, then try again.
Download your free Acrobat Reader

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