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Home / Vocation / Committee on Ministry / Resources, Forms, and Links

Below, you'll find several documents relating to the Committee on Ministry. The bulk of these comprise the "Presbytery of Hudson River Search Process for Pastors, Associate Pastors, and Interims." Following the documents, you'll also find a series of links helpful in the seeking, supporting, and sustaining our relationships in ministry.

Resource Documents

Clergy Compensation 2018
 (, 100 kb)
Clergy Compensation - Terms of Call 2018 Worksheet
 (, 83 kb)
Pulpit Supply List
 (supply.preaching.list.web.doc, 49 kb)
Summary/Diagram of Search Process
 (com_sm_summary_diagram_of_search_process.pdf, 102 kb)
COM Manual - Index
 (com_sm_2_index.doc, 27 kb)
COM Manual - Search Process Overview - Stages I - VII
 (com_sm_1_stages_of_process.doc, 46 kb)
Pastoral Roles
 (com_sm_pastoral_models.doc, 40 kb)
Search Process Overview-PT Stated Supply Stages I-VII
 (com_sm_pt_stated_supply_stages.doc, 50 kb)
One Day Listening Evaluation Process
 (com_sm_listening_eval_process_churches_w_stated_supplies.doc, 31 kb)
Appx A - COM Regional Chair & Liaison Responsibilities
 (com_sm_appa_reg_chair.doc, 29 kb)
Appx B - Congregational Meeting - Pastoral Dissolution
 (com_sm_appb_cong_meet_dissolve.doc, 31 kb)
Appx C - Dissolution of Pastoral Relationship
 (com_sm_appc_dissolution.doc, 25 kb)
Appx D - Policy for Pastors & Churches Post Dissolution
 (com_sm_appd_post_pastoral_policy.doc, 38 kb)
Appx E-1 - Exit Interview with Pastor
 (com_sm_appe1_exit_interview_pastor.doc, 25 kb)
Appx E-2 - Exit Interview with Session
 (com_sm_appe2_exit_interview_session.doc, 24 kb)
Appx F - Goals for Interim Ministry
 (com_sm_appf_interim_goals.doc, 28 kb)
Appx G - Contract for Interim Minister
 (com_sm_appg_interim_contract.doc, 44 kb)
Appx H - Congregational Mission Study Process
 (com_sm_apph_mission_study.doc, 60 kb)
Appx I - Composition of Pastor Nominating Committee
 (com_sm_appi_pnc_composition.doc, 26 kb)
Appx J - Congregational Meeting - PNC Election
 (com_sm_appj_cong_elect_pnc.doc, 26 kb)
Appx K - Equal Opportunity Policy of Presbytery
 (com_sm_appk_equal_opportunity.doc, 27 kb)
Appx L - Equal Opportunity Report Form
 (com_sm_appl_eop_report_form.doc, 24 kb)
Appx M - Report on Election of PNC
 (com_sm_appm_pnc_election_report.doc, 25 kb)
Appx N-1- Reading PIFs: What to Look For
 (com_sm_appn1_reading_pifs.doc, 38 kb)
Appx N-2 - Reference Questions - Phone
 (com_sm_appn2_reference_questions.doc, 28 kb)
Appx O-1 - Conducting an Interview
 (com_sm_appo1_conduct_interview.doc, 34 kb)
Appx 0-2 - Statement of Faith
 (com_sm_appo2_statement_of_faith.doc, 23 kb)
Appx O-3 - Clearance Interview
 (com_sm_appo3_clearance_interview.doc, 31 kb)
Appx O-4 - Clergy Sexual Misconduct Policy
 (com_sm_appo4_clergy_misconduct_policy.doc, 63 kb)
Appx O-5 - Background Check Policy
 (com_sm_appo5_background_check.doc, 49 kb)
Appx P-1 - Guidlines for Defining Terms of Call
 (com_sm_appp1_terms_of_call.doc, 41 kb)
Appx P-2 - Congregational Meeting - Election of Pastor
 (com_sm_appp2_cong_meet_elect_pastor.doc, 28 kb)
Appx P-3 - Pastoral Call Form & Certification of Call
 (com_sm_appp3_call_forms.doc, 29 kb)
Appx P-4 - Equal Opportunity - Final Report
 (com_sm_appp4_eop_final.doc, 32 kb)
Appx P-5 - Service of Ordination and/or Installation
 (com_sm_appp5_installation_ordination_service.doc, 34 kb)
Appx Q - End-of-First-Year Review
 (com_sm_appq_end_of_year_1.doc, 29 kb)
Appx R - Sabbatical Leave Policy
 (com_sm_appr_sabbatical_leave.doc, 28 kb)
Appx S - Church Leadership Connection Handbook
 (com_sm_apps_clc_handbook.doc, 33 kb)
Appx T-1 - Manse Inspection Policy
 (com_sm_appt1_manse_insp_policy.doc, 27 kb)
Appx T-2 - Manse Inspection Survey
 (com_sm_appt2_manse_insp_survey.doc, 46 kb)
Appx T-3 - Manse Sale Policy
 (com_sm_appt3_manse_sale_policy_15.doc, 35 kb)
Appx U - Pastor Emeritus/Emerita Policy
 (com_sm_appu_pastor_emeritus.doc, 35 kb)
Appx V - Dedication Service for Stated Supply Pastors
 (com_sm_appv_service_for_supply.doc, 29 kb)
Appx W - Validations of Ministries Policy
 (com_sm_appw_valid_min_policy.doc, 27 kb)
Appx X - Continuing Education Policy
 (com_sm_appx_con_ed_policy.doc, 29 kb)
Appx Y - Pulpit Supply Policy
 (com_sm_appy_pul_sup_pol.doc, 28 kb)
Appx Z - Transition from CLP Committee to COM
 (com_sm_appz_clp_to_com.doc, 25 kb)
Appx AA - Receiving Honorably Retired Clergy
 (com_sm_appaa_rec_hon_retired_clergy.doc, 27 kb)
Appx BB - Parish Associate Policy
 (com_sm_appbb_parish_associate_policy.doc, 25 kb)
Appx CC - Offerings Policy
 (com_sm_appcc_offerings_policy.doc, 23 kb)
Appx DD - Administrative Commissions Policy
 (com_sm_appdd_administrative_commissions_policy.doc, 27 kb)
Appx EE - Misconduct Response Team Procedure
 (com_sm_appee_misconduct_response.doc, 26 kb)
Appx FF - Administrative Leave Policy for Misconduct
 (com_sm_appff_administrative_leave_policy.doc, 34 kb)
Appx GG - Member-at-large Policy
 (com_sm_appgg_member_at_large_policy.doc, 24 kb)
Appx HH- Triennial Leadership Conversations
 (com_sm_apphh_tlc.pdf, 198 kb)
Form A Exit Interview Report
 (com_sm_form_a_exit_interview_report.doc, 26 kb)
Form B Ministers Being Dismissed
 (com_sm_form_b_ministers_being_dismissed.doc, 23 kb)
Form C Clearance Interview Report
 (com_sm_form_c_clearance_report.doc, 25 kb)
Form D Candidate Checklist
 (com_sm_form_d_candidate_checklist.doc, 24 kb)
Form E Ministers Being Received
 (com_sm_form_e_ministers_being_received.doc, 23 kb)
Form F Financial Strength Worksheet
 (com_sm_form_f_financial_strength_worksheet.doc, 25 kb)

Helpful Links

Ministry in the PC(USA)
Helpful resources for Committees on Ministry, Clergy, First-Call ministry, models for ministry and much more.
The Board of Pensions
The Board of Pensions provides information, forms and resources for the Financial Support and Health Care of its members.
PC(USA) Church Leadership Connection - Opportunity Search
The PC(USA)'s national call-search site, listing positions available across the country.
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