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Matthew 25:14-30

Jesus tells the parable of the master who in preparation for a long journey gave money to three servants so that they might trade with it wisely and earn more while he was gone. Two of them did so and were well rewarded when the Master returned home. The third simply buried they money he was given and so earned nothing more. The Master was not pleased.

God has given Hudson River Presbytery, several Mission Funding treasures, Challenge to Change Fund, Hunger Program, Peacemaking, Self Development of People, Synod Presbyterian Partnership Group, and others. We would like to invest this money in building up the kingdom of God, and are eager to find opportunities to “trade it” with congregations so that it might bear good fruit. However, finding the right “partners” is not so easy. In some cases the money is simply sitting there-as good as buried in the ground.

The purpose of the Grants Council is to help the churches of the Hudson River Presbytery be aware of the funds that are available to us through grants established through the Presbytery, the Synod, the General Assembly and the Board of Pensions.

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