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Transformation is not a program---there is no one model that fits all churches; rather it is a process---what might be called a spiritual adventure that evolves over a five to seven year time span. And what does it mean to be engaged in this process? It happens as we ask three questions again, and again, and again. The questions are quite basic.

Who are we?
Who is our neighbor?
And what is God calling us to be and do as the Church of Jesus Christ?

The following resources and links are tools to help us keep asking these questions while we wrestle with the answers.

Resource Documents

A Bibliography on Congregational Change
 (changebibliorevised.doc, 28 kb)
Resources on Building a Ministry Team
 (ministry_team_resources.pdf, 53 kb)
Resource Page on Creating Spiritual Energy
 (creating_spiritual_energy.pdf, 52 kb)
Resources for Developing Congregational Vision
 (developing_vision.pdf, 58 kb)
Resources on Re-Engaging the Community
 (re-engaging_the_community.pdf, 53 kb)
Bibliography on Generational Issues
 (generational_issues.pdf, 56 kb)

Helpful Links

Percept offers demographic information on the changing face of the communities we serve.
Easum-Bandy Associates
A link to a team of experienced consultants and many of their resources for church transformation.
PC(USA) Mission Program Grants
Information and applications for Mission Program Grants in the PC(USA).
PCUSA New Immigrant Groups Ministries
The Immigrant Groups Ministries in the U.S.A. provides the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) with resources aimed at facilitating entry of new immigrants groups into the life of the denomination.
Presbyterian Multicultural Church Network
The Presbyterian Multicultural Network works to empower multicultural ministries in the PC(USA), enhancing the ministries of both pastors and the multicultural congregations they serve.
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