There are three different directories below for you to choose from, depending on your need:

Churches Directory

The Churches Directory is public and doesn't require a passphrase. Browse all of our churches on a Google map, or download *today's* printable PDF directory.
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Presbytery Directory

Your passphrase-protected Presbytery Directory connects you with the people you want to be in touch with.  Get committee roster PDFs, search by name, browse the current pulpit supply list, and more.
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Directory of Supply Preachers

The persons whose names appear below have expressed willingness to provide ministerial services to the churches of our Presbytery and have been approved by the Committee on Ministry. Note:  Presbytery approved (as of 1 July 2015) recommended minimums for honoraria to pulpit supplies: $150 for a single service; $175 for 2 services (same day), plus mileage reimbursed at current IRS rate and $100 for moderating a meeting, plus mileage reimbursed at current IRS rate.  As churches feel it appropriate higher rates can be paid.  Current IRS mileage (54.5 cents as of 1/1/18).  Additional fees for other services are negotiable.
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